My passion for photography came to light at the influential age of 14. Unbeknownst to me, my stepmother gifting me with her old Pentax K2 would change my life forever. For many years, the K2 and I were absolutely inseperable; embarking on new and fascinating adventures while creating breath-taking images.

So when the time came to choose what I wanted to do as a career, my path was clear. Nothing has moved me like Photography and Film. From traveling international waters, to couture fashion, all the way to beautiful encounters I have experienced - my inspirations stem from a concoction of these moving aspects of my life. Photography has been and will always be the love that keeps me going through dark and bright times.
My current inspirations and artworks are a seamless blend of - Film Noir - Popart - Geometrical Work.
All my photos are handpicked with love.
I do series of 8 with 2 AP on fineart paper.
120cm x 80cm (approx. 42inch x 31inch)
Pricing 1300€ including Euro Zone Shipping.
1400€ worldwide shipping.
Depending where you are located there might be customs/ taxes at the import. The payment is done by Braintree a Paypal secured Company.
The Artwork is shipped in 10-15 working-days.
For further informations and feedback don't hesitate to contact me.
Custom artwork available upon request.


Fish Market Cannes - 120cm x 80cm (approx. 42inch x 31inch) Series of 8
Le Moteur en Cage - 120cm x 80cm (approx. 42inch x 31inch) Series of 8
Parisian Market - 120cm x 80cm (approx. 42inch x 31inch) Series of 8
Black Diamond - 120cm x 80cm (approx. 42inch x 31inch) Series of 8.