Born in Marseille, Fabien grew up all over Europe. For over 10 years he spent his life in between Paris, Nice and Milan before he lately settled in Berlin. He discovered the magic of the visual arts in his youth at time when most of his friends spent their days on the football pitch. While completing his studies (Directing and Producing), Fabien worked as a production assistant on feature and commercial film sets. This hands on experience was a stepping stone for him to run a production afterwards before returning to his childhood passions rooted in photography and directing Along the way Fabien also worked as an assistant teacher for handicapped children where he developed his own ideas for working with kids of all ages. Have long embraced an easy going manner, Lifestyle, People oriented jobs, and sports, above all, become strong forces in his life. Fabien also taught snowboarding while completing his University studies and pursued interest in “extreme sports,” although light and fashion had also caught his eye. You can feel the influence of his cinematographical background in his light. Fabien's frame is a mix in between architecture photography and fashion photography with an important influence of the Bauhaus...

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